g&g sewing workshops - February and March


Whether you are looking to start from the very beginning, brush up on old skills or learn brand new ones, we’ve still got some spaces available on our upcoming workshops over the next few months.

To view all our workshops by calendar view just follow this link, or to check out individual listings, just click on the highlighted text below.

Knitting and crochet

With the weather still pretty chilly, it’s a great time of year to learn how to knit. Our complete beginners knitting workshop will give you all the basics you need to hone your skills and ‘knit one, purl one’! The next class runs of the 22nd February.

We also still have a few places left on our granny squares crochet workshop. These are really addictive once you get started so if you are already familiar with the basic crochet stitches, this is the perfect next step. Our next class runs on 23rd February.

Starting out

If you are still early on in your sewing journey and as looking to build on those basics, our simple shopper workshop will show you how to do button holes and make straps for a handy everyday bag. Our next class runs on 14th March.

The thermal curtains workshop is also a nice straightforward one and if you are looking to get curtains made, learning this simple skill will save you a fortune! Our next class runs on 21st February.

If you’ve been to one of our classes before, you’ll know we have a lovely set of Brother sewing machines for you to use, but if your own machine at home is proving a bit more tricky to get your head around then out ‘Get to know your sewing machine’ workshop is the one for you. Bring your own machine in with all its bits and we’ll help you navigate around it. Our next class runs on 23rd March.

Home Interiors

If you dream of filling your house with gorgeous handmade furnishings then the piped cushion cover workshop is just the ticket. Learn how to insert a zip and make your own piping! Our next class runs on 30th March.

Our patchwork master class, which runs monthly, is also a great way to learn how to make lovely home interiors. Each month you learn a different patchwork design technique that can be used to make cushion covers or repeated to make a beautiful quilt. The next available date for that class is on 28th February.

Our new Medallion quilt workshop teaches you the full quilting process from patchwork to bordering to layering up and binding – all over 4 evening sessions over 4 months. Our next date for this set to start is on 21st March.

Or how about making lovely matching lampshades for all your home interiors? Our ‘no sew’ drum lampshade workshop is a great way to bring gorgeous fabrics into your home that you’ll get to see all the time! Our next class runs on 19th March.


If you’ve made some simple garments before and are looking to build up your confidence with commercial patterns then our new Shift Dress workshop will help you with getting a better fit, along with setting in sleeves and inserting an invisible zip. Our next class runs on 26th March.

Sewing with stretch and sweatshirt fabrics has become so popular recently but we know it can still seam daunting. Learn how to make comfy stretchy clothes on your regular sewing machine while making the classic Linden sweatshirt. Our next class runs on 24th March.

I love a dressmaking challenge and if you are keen to push your limits to something new then our bodice block workshop will take you there. During the day you’ll take your measurements and draft a unique to you bodice and sleeve block that you can then use to design your own garments! Our next class runs on 25th February.

There is nothing more satisfying than a neat, crisp, pressed cuff and collar on a handmade shirt, and during our new one day shirt making techniques class you’ll learn top tips and tricks for getting a professional finish. Our next class runs on 3rd March.

Getting jeans to fit can be hard in the shops, that’s why its so much fun to make your own! We have just one space left on our popular 2 day Jeans making workshop which is running on 18th/19th February.

Whether you can make it to a workshop or you are busy stitching away at home or with friends at a sewing group - I wish you lots of happy sewing as always!

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