Our Team

Having staff who are friendly, helpful and love to sew and make things is a really important part of g&g! Meet our lovely team who are always more than happy to help:

Meg Lines - General Manager and Marketing Associate 

Meg has always had a passion for all things creative, but dressmaking is definitely where her heart lies. Her love for sewing began with a simple string of bunting however since then her handmade wardrobe has grown immensely with a curated selection of clothing. She sewed up 5 very special garments for her wedding last year and is always on the lookout for new patterns to try!

Meg loves to encourage others to start sewing and step out of their comfort zone to experience the pride and sense of achievement that you feel when wearing something handmade.

Alex Stratton - Retail Administration Associate

Alex started to learn to sew as a child. She is lucky to have a very crafty family who like to teach. Summer dresses are her favourite thing to sew, however, this is not always the most practical! She is now beginning to focus on making lots of interchangeable separates to ensure she gets the most out of her me-made wardrobe. With her wedding on the horizon, she is planning to make her own dress for the occasion.

A trained nurse and midwife who worked in healthcare for several years, she fancied doing something more creative as a career. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading and travelling to far-flung locations.

Jo Price – Sales Associate and Visual Merchandiser

Jo has been sewing for a long time and her first sewing memory is of her Mum making a funky purple party dress in the '70s! She has a degree in fashion and has worked in independent retail for a number of years. As well as being part of the g&g team she also runs her own online shop called Dolly Shoe where she shares her gorgeous collection of vintage finds!

The shop window is Jo's domain and she loves getting special items together, and pairing-up the fabrics to create gorgeous displays.

Ben Goldnagl - Sales Associate

A native Austrian, Ben has taken the plunge to move to Birmingham and enjoys the local arts and crafts community. Nothing excites him more than making his own clothes, canvas bags and home furnishings (except perhaps Schnitzel). After learning to crochet in primary school, his passion for this and other crafts has only grown over the years. When not sewing away, Ben loves languages, cats and reading about sociology.

Ben’s wardrobe is rapidly growing as he is working with us, and as our resident menswear aficionado, he’s more than happy to answer questions about all things shirts and trousers.

Lesley Lucas - Sales Associate 

Lesley learned dressmaking and knitting as a teenager but a busy career and life in general took over once she left home. In 2013 she had made a new years resolution to become more creative, she popped into the shop on the day it opened and was immediately hooked.  She has attended a number of g&g workshops and is now an avid sewer, making clothes for herself, her partner and other family members.

Elizabeth Connolly - Sales Associate

Elizabeth has ways enjoyed making things. Even as a child she made clothes and designed houses for her dolls and teddies. She then progressed to fancy dress outfits for her own children and some costumes for her local theatre group. While training as a Manufacturing Engineer she loved learning about the processes of making things, but it wasn't until the first series of The Great British Sewing Bee that it became a real passion.

Elizabeth is a prolific sewer and is aiming to make everything she wears so has experience of many of the indie pattern companies that we stock and loves to help customers get their next project together.

She also enjoys running and so naturally makes her own active wear and is a pattern tester for Fehrtrade patterns. Most of the week she is a primary school teacher and wears hand made clothes everyday which really impresses the kids!