Makers of the Month!

Let's celebrate just some of the great makes from the last month!

We love seeing all the amazing handmade garments you have lovely made using our Sewing Society kits. It's always so hard to pick just a few to share each month!

Whether you are making a new garment for the first time, trying a new to you fabric or a sewing technique you all deserve a huge YAY and well done and this is where we celebrate your achievements.

If you would like to be featured in our Sewing Society Maker's Gallery, why not email us your photographs to [email protected]?

Alternatively, tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag for a chance to win the Maker of the Month prize of £10 off your next Sewing Society Kit!

Mitchell Trousers

Melanie took the plunge and made her Mitchell kit from September. These high waisted trousers look so great paired with the cropped turtle neck!

"Lauren suggested finishing the seams with Hong Kong seams and I’m so pleased that I did" - Melanie.

If you want to try this technique too, you can purchase Lauren's Mitchell Kit video.We have a feeling that you'll be living in your Mitchells, they look so great!

Elliot Jumper

Nicola finally got round to completing her Elliott jumper in the yummy soft knitted plum.

"I do love the G and G kits and Lauren’s video tips are so helpful." - Nicola

Your longer line Elliot look just great and we are so happy that the process was enjoyable and more importantly resulted in this gorgeous sweater.Nicola also attended one of our Learn how to use an overlocker workshops, we are so pleased to be a part of your sewing journey and hope to see you at the studio again soon!

Maker of the Month!

We have Jennifer as our maker of the month! Looking super warm and every so proud in you Narva Coat here! We love that we can provide you with the tools and inspiration for you to create your own wardrobe and achieve something as challenging as a coat!

You look stunning and snuggly wearing it!

Well done Jennifer, you have won £10 off your next Sewing Society kit!Get in touch with us at [email protected] to claim your prize.

If you would like the chance to be featured in our next Sewing Society Maker's Gallery, why not email us your photographs to [email protected]?

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