Renovations - Part Twenty-Two!

Things are quite on site at 169 today and with good reason....the liquid screed on the ground floor is setting right at this moment and we can't walk on it till it starts drying out!

Getting the insulation, underfloor heating pipes and screed down is the last big dirty building job that needs done. After this its all more fixtures and fittings stuff. I've been feeling excited and relieved - Ayaz has been feeling just a bit stressed. Liquid screed getting poured everywhere seems so final and there is definatly no taking it back or changing anything...once its down its down!

The whole floor had to be covered with the big huge insulation boards that went on the roof and walls.

Then a membrane on top and all the underfloor heating pipes....

Then the big huge truck turned up with all the screed.....

Then with a great big pump it got sloshed out all over the floor.....

They used these little tripods to know where to fill it up too.....


So now we're up at normal floor level, apart from the top floor covering of course.

It feels crazy to think back to when there was just dirt on that floor.....This photo was taken so long ago now....before we had even started to take down the old extensions!

The plumbers and electricians have been busy sorting out drains and water supplies and second fixing the lights this week as well. Once that new floor dries things will start to move pretty quickly hopefully.....exciting stuff! I can't wait to turn the heating on in there too! Its so bloomin' cold right now!

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