Renovations - Part Twenty-three

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I know its been a little while since I last posted an update but the renovations have still been continuing over the past month. We are getting to the stage now that although things are happening everyday, the (soon-to-be) shop doesn't look drastically different day to day.

We've had all the guttering finished off, some 'tanking' done to the courtyard at the back that helps prevent damp penetrating the exterior walls, the final bit of floor has been layed in the office up the stairs - so no more balancing on floor joists thankfully! and the heating is slowly getting switched on on the ground floor, heating up that big concrete slab. It actually reached 15 degrees in there today which must be a record for that room!

Since I last posted back in December about the concrete getting poured on the ground floor, things are looking a little different! So far it looks like its dried well and not cracked or anything. Yay!

The picture below is the view from the front of the shop where the bay window is, looking back towards the back door. The architrive has been fitted and the skirting board all cut out ready to be fixed once the floor covering is layed.

We had the coving for the big ground floor room delivered. It looked huge when it was lying on the floor but once it was up it fits the high ceiling perfectly.

A ceiling rose has also been fixed on in the bay window, ready to receive its chandalier!

We also had new windows for the first floor room delivered.

We had initially planned to secondary glaze the original ones but when it came to figuring it all out, they were in too poor a condition to make it cost effective. Some of the wooden frames had rotted and the individual panes of glass in the leaded frames had buckled too.

So we decided to go for new replica windows that are double glazed. They still have the leaded grid so they look just like the original ones! I'm so chuffed with them, they look really great!

The next big thing on the cards is getting the place painted inside and finishing off the bay window and porch. There is so much surface area of new plaster to paint I can't even take it all in! Another decent skip load needs to go as well and hopefully the place will start to look a bit tidier.

Its almost trade show season too so I'm really looking forward to hunting out lots of new and exciting things for the shop - watch this space!

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