Renovations - Part Twenty

The weather has been sooo terrible here this week. Thankfully there are plenty of things that we can do inside.

The Chandaliers we picked up on ebay finally arrived all the way from Turkey so we unpacked them and had a proper close up look. Its always hard to imagine how things will be just from a picture.

A few of them needed a bit of re-stringing up which was a bit fiddly.

It looked pretty awesome once I got it back together again.

This is another of the bigger ones, thankfully only a few of these crystals were loose.

The big A-frames in the room upstairs have started to be stripped this week as well. I'm loving the look of the exposed wood.

All the window frames have had their first layers of paint too. I've been so surprised at how much brighter it makes them look.

I'm really looking forward to getting some paint on the walls and ceiling now. I think it'll make the place even brighter.

The scaffold platform from the room down the stairs has also gone this week which has been great. Now we can really start to get an idea of what the space is like. An the final bit of glazing is in place in the doors at the back, so bar a few leaks on some sections of the roof, we are almost water tight.

The facing is starting to take shape at the top of the bay window too. It just needs painted now which is easier said than done when it keeps raining all the time. A few coats went on today when the sun way out but fingers corossed for some dry weather next week and this whole top section will get its grey top coat.

We're getting there....slowly but surely........

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