Quick Stitch - Simple Snap Frame Purse Tutorial

By popular demand...I'm re-posting this tutorial from last year! Happy Sewing!

A cute little purse makes a perfect Christmas pressie idea and the great news is they are really quick and easy to make up! With so many options for customisation its a great way to make a really special personalised gift for your loved ones!

Follow these simple instructions and you'll be stacking them up in no time!

Materials (for a 10cm/4' frame)

10cm/4' Metal snap frame

20cm x 30cm Outer fabric

20cm x 30cm Lining fabric

20cm x 30cm Adhesive Interfacing

Ribbon/ other trims to customise your design

Step One

Draft your paper pattern to fit your purse frame. Follow this tutorial here to find out how!

Then cut out 2 pieces for the outer fabric, lining and interfacing.

Iron the interfacing onto the outer fabric.

Step Two

Decorate your outer fabric whatever way you choose. It might be applique, attaching some buttons or trims, or even patchwork.

I choose to stitch some lovely red stripy woven ribbon and make a little bow as well.

First pin the ribbon in place, making sure that the edges over hang the edge of your purse. They can be trimmed back later.

Then attach with a line of stitching at the top and bottom of the ribbon.

To make the little bow cut out three stripes of fabric 11cm, 8.5cm and 4.5cm.

Fold the 11cm and 8.5cm strip as shown below and over lap the ends a little.

Stitch together either by hand or on your sewing machine.

Once both 11cm and 8.5cm strip have been folded, stack them on top of each other.

Lastly use the 4.5cm strip to fold around the join to cover the lines of stitching and hand sew in place.

Then attach it onto the ribbon by hand sewing in place all the way around to make sure it doesn't flap around anywhere.

Step Three

Pin outer fabric and lining fabric right sides together and stitch side and bottom only with a 3/8' seam allowance. When stitching the lining together, take a slightly larger seam allowance so that your lining doesn't end up too bulky.

Step Four

To create a depth to your purse, finger press the seams at the bottom corners open and line up the side seam with the bottom seam. Measure a point approx 1/2' for the corner and draw a line as shown below.

Stitch along this line, ensureing that you reinforce the stitching. Then repeat to the other corner. Your outer fabric section should then look as the same shown below. Repeat with the lining section, then snip the corners to reduce the bulk.

Step Five

Turn your lining piece so the the right side of the fabric faces outwards. Then, place the lining inside the outer pouch.

Match up side seams and centre points and pin in place. Stitch all the way around in sections. Sew one whole side, then stitch the other side in two sections, leaving a gap along the straight top edge so that you can turn the purse out the right way.

Step Six

Gently ease your purse out through the gap in the stitching.

Then finger press all the seams open and turn down the raw edges in the gap as shown below.

Stitch the gap closed. You can do this by hand or on the sewing machine. Just make sure its close enough to the edge so that it will be hidden once you glue the purse onto the frame.

Step Seven

Glue the purse into the frame. I find that super glue, suitable for metal and fabrics, works really well as you only need a tiny amount and the chance of glue oozing all over your purse is less.

Glue the purse into the frame in stages. Mark the centre point of the purse then match it up with the ball bit on the frame. Glue the straight top edge first, then the two sides. Once that's all secure, repeat with the other side.

All done and its as easy as that!

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