Brand new workshops in our lovely studio!

4 new projects to help develop your dressmaking skills

Having a change of scenery and spending a day just focusing on sewing and nothing else is a great way to build your sewing and dressmaking skills as well as giving you a big dose of inspiration for even more gorgeous projects!

Our beautiful bright studio is always buzzing with creativity and ideas during our workshops and we have now added 4 brand new project based workshops to our ever expanding range! 

To see the full calendar of workshops - just click here!

Whether you are still very new to dressmaking or looking to test out new skills, our Sewing for kids and babies workshop has lots of pattern choices and options to suit your level and preferences. 

Choose from the cute lined summer dress (pictured here) or opt for more basic Pj bottoms and t-shirt. This one day workshop can be tailored to you and your skills. 

Our next date is Sunday 20th May - click here to book! 

If there is one item of handmade clothing you know you'll wear no matter what - its comfy, soft PJ bottoms!

This basics sewing PJ bottoms class is a great way to get used to commercial patterns and simple garment construction while not worrying about a perfect fit. 

Go for cosy cotton flannel for extra sungglyness or chic Liberty Tana Lawn for super sophisticated lounge wear!

Our next date is on Saturday 14th April - click here to book!

Comfort is the name of the game these days and if your looking for an everyday wearable garment to add to your handmade wardrobe, these nothing better than a cosy cardigan!

Our new Make a Cosy Cardigan workshop teaches you how to sew with stretchy fabric and use an overlocker. The choice of 3 different patterns will mean you have a style that suits you perfectly!

Our next date is on Friday 18th May - click here to book! 

If you really want to up the ante, our new one day trouser making workshop using the popular Closet Case Patterns Sasha trousers will help you understand fly fronts and simple trouser fitting to give you a slick pair of trousers. 

Our next date is Sunday 1st July - Click here to book!

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