My make list – February 2017

And Kids Clothes Week Pledge

I seem to have hit one of those moments where I’ve got so many new projects stacked up that I’m itching to get started on, but no new ones to show you this week. So ahead of ‘Kids Clothes Week’ next week I wanted to share what’s going to be on my sewing table and also what my plans are for next week.

‘Kids Clothes Week’‘Kids Clothes Week’ is an online community for those who love to sew clothes for their kids (or grandkids or nieces and nephews too!) where you can share projects and make lists. Then they have 4 seasonal challenges to help keep you motivated or try something now – sometimes they have themes like ‘the future’ – where you pledge to sew for 1 hour each day for a week.

To be honest I’d love that luxury of a guaranteed hour every day for a week to sew, but I’m going to give it my best shot and at least try and sew a little bit, for Sophia, every day for a week – and it starts next week on Monday 20th February.

Here are the projects I have planned to work on, and if you follow me on Instagram, I’ll be using insta stories everyday while I do my bit of sewing so you can see the progress, and hopefully it will encourage you guys to forget about other boring jobs that might need done about the house and just sew!

Check out my You tube video or see the summary below…

The Compagnie-m Mara Blouse in Nani Iro double gauze

I’ve had some of the beautiful fabric in my stash for over a year and its been one of those fabrics that I just didn’t want to cut into for ages. I really love the design details of the Mara Blouse and now that Sophia is a bit older and will hopefully fit into clothes for more than 5 minutes, I thought it was about time I used it!

I’m actually pretty jealous – I’d love a grown up version!

Puff ball shorts with embroidered motif

I was given the lovely book, The Fox, the bear and the bunny, by Natalie Martin & Naomi Regan last year and have been saving it up until Sophia was a bit older as their pattern sizes start from age 1 (and go up to age5). The puff ball sorts are pretty simple and I think they will look really cute with tights initially and then as the weather heats up into summer she can have bare legs.

I'm going to use this plain peppered cotton and then decorate it with some embroidery that ties in the the colours from the blouse. I’ve been loving all the embroidery I’ve seen on my Instagram feed recently and as a teenage cross stitch addict, I’m happy that embroidery is cool again and I can sit in the evening stitching away while watching TV.

The Brindille and Twig Sweatshirt dress with embroidered motif

I’ve made a few of the Brindlle and Twig patterns now and I think they are lovely, and a great way for me to use up scraps from my own projects.

So I’m going to try the Sweatshirt dress which has a gathered waistline, and continuing on with the embroidery theme, I’m going to embellish the plain oatmeal colour ponte roma in the pic above with some nice flowers or something.

So I’ll see how I get on with that little lot – as I said before, I’ll be using insta stories to share my progress over the week. Let me know if you have any plans too!

Here is the baggy tee and the flutter sleeve tunic that I've previously made, also from Brindille and Twig – so cute!

Then for myself, I’m going to finally cut out and stitch up the Sew Over It Ultimate trousers in this lovely brush stroke cotton spandex. These trousers have a really simple construction so I’m hoping they won’t take me too long and I can finish them this week.

Then I’ve got a Grainline Linden planned for this lovely origami birds loop back jersey fabric. It’s a really nice weight, not too heavy, not too light.

It comes in 4 colours but I’ve chosen the white one that has black birds on it.

I also need to finish off a Tilly and the Buttons Zadie Dress in this lovely speckled navy jersey, but have a few fitting adaptations to work on which require someone who knows what they are doing pinning it for me (i.e. not my husband!), so I’m waiting until Layla our dressmaking tutor comes at the weekend!

What are your sewing plans at the moment?§2q

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