guthrie vs ghani - The results!

The results of the latest guthrie vs ghani battle are in! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!

Ayaz got off to a good start but I was still feeling confident that my kitties would pull through.

The final tally from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the blog is…

  • A draw…10 votes

  • #teamguthrie Kitties and spots……. 25 votes (a lovely lady in the traditional lampshade workshop used the kitties to make her shade – can that count as extra points for general awesomeness?!)

  • And the winner #teamghani with comic book pows and travel postcards ......34 votes! And we have sold most of these fabrics too so he really is a true winner..dam!

If you haven’t pledged your allegiance yet all the g vs g fabric is still available in the just arrived section.

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