Sudley Dress

Originally released alongside the Sewing Society Kit in November 2020, this video contains exclusive tips and tricks for making an unlined Megan Nielsen Sudley Dress.

This video is perfect if you already own a copy of the Sudley top and dress sewing pattern and the supplies to make it but would like some helpful guidance on sewing it up!

This 40 minute video doesn't replace the instructions that come with the pattern, instead Lauren shares her personal hints and tips that she finds useful to help you make a lovely garment including how to stabilise the neckline and keyhole opening with forming tape interfacing and then use bias strips to finish it off. How to set a sleeve in on the flat, how to get even gathers in the skirt section and how to calculate the length proportions of adding on an extra section to the dress as well as how gathered it should be to keep balance in the garment. She also shows you how to make a narrow belt tie out of fabric and hold it in place with dainty thread loops.

Once you have placed your order, the video link will be included in your order confirmation email. The Sudley Dress sewing pattern is available through our website in sizes 0-20 (see below) and directly from the Megan Nielsen website in sizes 14-30.

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