Sasha Trousers

Originally released alongside the Sewing Society Kit in October 2021, these videos contains exclusive hints and tips for making the Closet Core Sasha Trousers.

These two videos are perfect if you already own a copy of the Sasha sewing pattern and the supplies to make it but would like some helpful guidance on sewing it up!

This series of 2 videos don't replace the instructions that come with the pattern, instead Lauren shares her personal hints and tips that she finds useful to help you make a lovely garment.

With over 35 minutes of footage, sectioned out with time stamps/chapters for easy reference and navigation, the key construction steps are covered, including: cutting out with a nap, tips on baste fitting and shaping, inserting an exposed zip (additional to the pattern instructions), inserting in seam pockets and using hand stitching techniques to help you get a lovely finish on the garment.

Once you have placed your order, the video link will be included in your order confirmation email. The Sasha Trousers sewing pattern is available through our website (see below).

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