Carolyn PJs

Originally released alongside the Sewing Society Kit in December 2020, this video contains exclusive hints and tips for making the Coset Core Patterns Carolyn PJ's.

This video series is perfect if you already own a copy of the carolyn PJ's sewing pattern and the supplies to make it but would like some helpful guidance on sewing it up!

The 2 videos included in the series don't replace the instructions that come with the pattern, instead Lauren shares her personal hints and tips that she finds useful to help you make a lovely garment.

In video 1
, she'll talk through all the supplies needed for making view B, which has contrast flat piping. She'll explain how to make your own flat piping by first making continuous bias tape using a fat quarter of fabric. She'll then cover the key construction steps for making the PJ bottoms, as well as explaining how to simplify the design to omit the pockets and faux fly should you wish.

In video 2,
Lauren will cover the key construction steps for making the PJ shirt including how to insert the flat piping neatly into the collar and lapel section for an elegant finish as well as sewing buttonholes.

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