We had a Sample Sale!

We always like to try and find new ways to give our wonderful dressmaking community a reason to come and visit us.

We always like to try and find new ways to give our wonderful dressmaking community a reason to come and visit us. So when we had a treasure trove of incredible woven fabrics land in our laps we knew we had to throw an event the only way a fabric store knows how. FABRIC SAMPLE SALE!

Friday night saw the most eager ones amongst you purchase tickets for exclusive access to the sale. We were so excited to be able to share the rainbow of woven fabrics for the first time accompanied by a glass of fizz and an obligatory late-night shop in the main G&G store.

Over the weekend we had so many of you stop by to say hello while you had a browse through the array of corduroy, velvet, cotton twill, denim, plaid, moleskins and everything in between.

The whole team just loves talking about what you’re making next, what you last made, and ultimately inspiring each other. Many of you were proudly wearing society kits or showcasing a new fabric you’d included in your latest make. We just LOVE it!

If you’ve visited G&G before you know that we always have a sample rail, a mixture of patterns made up to help our customers see what the fabrics and patterns look like completed. During the Sample Sale, we had a special woven fabric sample rail that included everything from bags, coats, jacks, trousers and dungarees. You can still take a look at the Sample Sale Rail Inspiration in Lauren’s blog post here with all the products linked.

If you missed out on the weekend or regret that fabric you left behind, we still have some treasures left to share with you! They will be on sale soon so watch this space!

Finally thank you for tagging us in your posts and stories, travelling far and wide and sharing your weekend with us. We loved catching up with our wonderful sewing friends. We hope to see you soon!

Looking for your next G&G event? We have a couple that will be perfect for beginners and experts. Tools that will help you enhance your dress-making skills.
Head to our workshop and events page linked here.

See you soon!

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