Virtual visit to the g&g fabric shop

with new window display tour - Feb 2021!

Stuck in lockdown and missing trips to fabric shops? Well I can give you the next best thing!

The g&g shop is looking gorgeous right now with so many lovely new fabric arrivals.

My latest Youtube takes you around our lovely Moseley shop and our new window display featuring The g&g Sewing Society kits.

Here are a some pictures of the shop of how it's looking at the moment. We have been having some really big deliveries recently so every week we are having a bit of a re-organisation to fit everything in.

Even though customers can't shop in-store, it's still be lovely to keep the shop tidy and neat anyway. It makes it much nicer for the team as they keep busy cutting all of your online orders (thank you!) and means I can show you around in videos and pictures so you don't totally miss out.

This is our designer fabrics wall with lots of beautiful Liberty Tana Lawns, Atelier Brunette collections and Eglantine et Zoe viscoses.

This is our colourful fabric roll shelf with lots more viscose prints.

Our current window display features our g&g Sewing Society kits, specifically the Named patterns Lahja dressing down. It's so snuggly and warm made with spongy cotton waffle fabric.

To find out more about our monthly dressmaking kits follow this link. We always release new kits on the first Wednesday of each month to our newsletter subscribers who have opted in to hear about the sewing society. If you aren't signed up you, follow this link!

We've added in some of our fun window props including these awesome big scissors that my Dad made for us a few years ago.

It's a lovely unisex pattern that can be made full length or knee length. We still have a few kits left at the time of writing and the waffle fabric itself is available by the meter. We also sell the pattern separately in two formats and my hints and tips video is available as a stand along product too.

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