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Announcing The g&g Sewing Society
Monthly dressmaking kits, inspiration and tips

Blog / 13 March 2019

The g&g Sewing Society is a new way to plan your projects and get everything you need to make them, along with lots of help and support through brand new monthly sewing kits. They will help you create a handmade wardrobe you’ll love while developing your sewing and dressmaking skills.

When it comes to dressmaking and pairing sewing patterns with lovely fabrics it can seem a bit overwhelming working out what fabric will be best suited. You try to imagine what a garment might look like made up, will it hang in the right way? Will it work?

It’s one of the most common types of questions we get asked and the g&g staff and I love coming up with fabric and pattern recommendations to help inspire your next project.

Our monthly dressmaking kits will not only give a boost to your sew-jo, but make sewing a project super easy as they contain everything you need to create a gorgeous new garment. We’ve thought of everything from thread to new needles and haberdashery items - we’ll even include one of our brand new woven labels - 'Made by me with g&g' -  that are exclusive to the Sewing Society kits.

Each month the patterns we choose will vary depending on the season and latest trends. Fabrics will vary from woven to stretch and the level of difficulty will vary from beginner to something more challenging. 

We believe that when you spend your precious time making your own clothes, it deserves only the most beautiful and best quality fabrics. So all the fabrics included in our Sewing Society kits will feature designer fabrics, fabrics made in the UK, fabrics that have OEKO-TEX standard as well as fabrics that have been exclusively produced just for us.

Maybe you feel ready to challenge yourself and try out a new skill or a new type of fabric? I’ll be with you every step as everyone who purchases one of the limited edition kits will also get access to an exclusive Youtube video where I’ll share my top construction tips to help you get a finish you’ll be super proud of!

How does it work?

Each month we will announce 2 brand new Sewing Society kits that feature our favourite indie sewing patterns along with everything you need to complete that project in a specific fabric.

There will be a limited number available for pre sale from the first Wednesday to the first Sunday of each month - so just 5 days.

UPDATE AUGUST 2020 - We are now able to include pdf only patterns as part of the selection of kits that we offer as we now have our own large format printer. This is an exciting development for the kits as it means the pool of patterns we can use is much greater. Given the current climate it has also become more challenging to source enough stock of the actual printed patterns from the indie companies, so offering A0 print outs of pdf patterns as part of the kits means that we can offer a higher number of kits for sale each month to help meet high demand.

When will I receive my Sewing Society kit?

UPDATE AUGUST 2020 - We always aim to dispatch the kit as soon as possible after they go on sale. This is not always possible as we are currently still experiences delays in delivery of certain components that we need for the kits following the wide spread lockdowns earlier in the year that has caused a backlog in the manufacturing and supply chain.

A specific date range of dispatch for each kit will be detailed in the listing for the kit. Please pay close attention to this date range so you know when you expect your kit. If there are further unanticipated delays outwit the specified range you will be notified via email of the new expected time frame.

All kits will be sent out in a recyclable presentation box with everything neatly packaging up inside. It’ll be like getting a little present each month - or a perfect ready made gift for a friend!

International orders or orders for both kits on sale at the same time will be placed in a mail sack for extra protection during transit.

How can I hear about it first?

By signing up to our newsletter and selecting that you would like to hear about The g&g Sewing Society kits, you will get access to the pre sale 24 hours before anyone else. This means you will have a higher chance of securing a kit before they sell out.

The pre-sale always starts at midday on the first Wednesday of each month and the links to buy the kits are contained within the email newsletter.

If you are already a newsletter subscriber you must UPDATE YOUR PREFERENCES to ensure you have opted in to hear about The g&g sewing society. You can update your preferences by clicking the 'update preferences' link at the bottom of any email we have have sent to you.

Do I have to commit to a monthly subscription?

No, this is not a subscription service. Each kit can be purchased independently each month. As we will feature different patterns with different fabrics each month, the price of the kits will vary and reflect the amount of fabric and the number of haberdashery notions that you need for the project.

What if I get stuck, can I get any help?

My exclusive Youtube video that will be available only to those who have purchased kits, will talk you through key construction steps. The videos are best used alongside the instructions that come with the pattern itself. If you get stuck, you email the shop on

We also now have a closed Facebook group for those who have purchased any kit or video from The Sewing Society. It's a lovely community of dressmakers sharing their makes and asking questions.

Will you be shipping internationally?

Yes we can ship internationally. The cost will depend on the weight of the kit and as the weight will vary depending on the type and amount of fabric included in the kit, the price of shipping will also vary. To work out the cost, once you add the kit to your basket, simply carry on through the checkout process, adding in your shipping address and country. The website will auto calculate the shipping cost and you can see this before you confirm your order and pay.

What is the price of the kits?

The price will vary for each kit. As the price of the independent pattern companies we stock and that will be included in the kits can vary, as does the type and amount of fabric, it means every kits will be different and reflect the contends. Therefore there is no set price.