The Sewing Bee is Back!

As I'm sure you all know, last night The Great British Sewing Bee hit our screens again for Series 2. It seems to have come around so quickly..I guess it has really, I thought it wouldn't be aired until March or April so it caught me by surprise too. I know as much as the next person coming in the door about it all so I'm now in the same boat as you guys were last year! Here are the contestants....left to right, Julie, Lynda, Heather, Cerina, Simon, Chinelo, David, Tamara and Jenni.

....and you can read all about them on the BBC info page by clicking here. (phtot credit aso here)

It's so exciting for me to watch, knowing and understanding what it was like for them! I loved it and was totally gripped. I was teaching a workshop last night too so couldn't watch it live but caught up as soon as I got home.

For me it seamed like the challenges were a bit harder, especially for a first episode! Handsewing the buttonwhole loop - tricky or what!? The wool skirt challenge - I can't believe what some of those guys did in the time they had! Believe me I know what its like to have about 5 minutes to do an alteration challenge! Then a silk nightgown!? 5 hours!?! No way!

Everyone seems really lovely and I love that they are all so different too. I also think its great that they have some people that have only been sewing for a few years - it just goes to show that anyone can give it a go and make lovely things without years and years of experience.

I know how lovely some of them are as I've had the chance to meet them alredy!

At the weekend I was at the Stitches trade show at the NEC catching up with Tilly and Stuart and we bumped into Tamara and Claire-Louise too (who is the Sewing Bee's Sewing expert aka The Thrifty Stitcher). Tilly has just launched her brand new pattern called Coco (which is available in print as well - woo hoo!) and we were plotting some exciting plans for when her book comes out in May! So excited about that!

Then yesterday Jenni came to the shop for a chat! And I cheesily asked her if I could have my picture taken with her! We've got some seriously cool things in the pipeline too so stay tuned for more details!

So bring on next week and the pattern matching challenges!

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