The NEW Prym Creative Tool

Take your collection of sewing gadgets to the next level!

If, like me, you love a good sewing gadget, then I’ve got something pretty exciting to share with you in this post and in my latest Youtube video!

The new Creative Tool from Prym is set to be the ultimate nifty tool in helping you to apply fastenings like snaps, buttons, eyelets and rivets to your sewing and dressmaking projects.

To see it in action check out my latest Youtube video below or read on for tips and advice on how to use it.

What is the NEW Creative Tool from Prym?

This ergonomically designed tool aims to help you easily apply the full range of Prym fastenings to your sewing and dressmaking projects.

It’s the step up from using the popular Prym Vario Pliers, which you might have heard me talk about before. I’ve got a separate blog and video all about how to use them and essentially the Creative Tool does everything that the vario pliers does but in a much easier to use way!

All of the Prym range of rivets, eyelets, buttons and snaps come with a 'tool set' that allows you to attach them onto your projects. These typically look like little metal or plastic bits with a cylindrical bit sticking out one side. Here are some examples of what the tool sets look like for different fastenings.

These 'tool sets' need to be combined and inserted into one of the tools below, to then be applied to your project. They all have one thing in common in that they have little holes opposite each other that the 'tool set' for each fastening inserts into. What differentiates them is how the force is then applied through the tools to make the fastenings join together and become attached to your fabric.

  • Plastic clip (used with a hammer) - The vast majority of Prym fastenings come with a plastic clip that has two holes at either end. You use this by inserting the tool set into the ends and then using a hammer to apply the force fix the fastenings together. It requires precision and force at precisely the correct angle, to ensure that the fastenings lock together properly.
  • Tripod Tool (used with a hammer)- This works in a similar way to the clip described above but at the top and bottom are not connected, it allows you to apply fastenings in the middle of a bit of fabric, far away from the edge of the fabric. Again, it requires precision and force at precisely the correct angle, to ensure that the fastenings lock together properly.
  • Vario Pliers - This is what I talk about in the video linked above - it's an easier way than the clip and tripod to apply the fastenings but still requires a strong hand and forearm grip.
  • The NEW Creative Tool - A step up from the pliers, the tool rests on the table, or can clamp on for extra stability. That means both your hands are free to position your fabric and get everything lined up. The 'tool sets' get inserted in the same way as they do for the other tools listed above and then the force is applied downwards when you push the leaver down. It's easier to get the strength of your arm and upper body behind it, rather than squeezing with your hands. Even still, it really doesn't take much effort to push down on the creative tool and for your fastenings to easily and precisely lock together.

What do you get with the Creative Tool?

Included in the box when you purchase the Creative Tool on its own is the tool itself along with the 'tool sets' for punching small holes in fabric in the following diameters: 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm. You also get a measuring bar device, used in the side of the tool to help you enevly place fastenings from the edge of a fabric along with an instruction booklet.

How to use the Creative Tool

Using the example of a rivet that you would apply to jeans as a decorative and reinforcing finish, here are the steps you would take to use the Creative tool to apply them to your project.

Pictured below is the metal 'tool set' that comes with the rivets. They have a little rubber ring around them that help to keep the rivet steady as you apply them to the fabric.

Insert the flat/smoother side of the 'tool set' for the rivet into the bottom hole in the Creative Tool.

Insert the other 'tool set' for the rivet into the top hole of the Creative Tool. This side of the 'tool set' will have a concave shape in the centre to accomodate the shape of the rivet.

The rivet 'tool set' is now in position and ready to use with the rivet pieces.

Insert the bottom part of the rivet that has the little spoke on it into the bottom 'tool set'.

Make a hole in the fabric using either punch pliers or one of the hole punching 'tool sets' that comes with the Creative Tool.

Place the fabric over the bottom part of the rivet so that you can see the little spoke sticking through.

Insert the top side of the rivet into the top 'tool set'.

Slowly lower the lever of the Creative Tool down.

Push it right to the bottom and you will feel a 'give' or you might hear a little noise as the two sides of the rivet lock together under the force from the Creative Tool.

Raise the lever back up and if the rivet sticks into the 'tool set' simply just pull it off. And now your rivet is attached!

I hope you've found that useful and interesting. For more information on the different applications and how to successfully use the range of non-sew fastenings that Prym has do check out my Vario pliers blog and video linked below. It goes into much more detail on each one.

All of the non-sew fastenings demonstrated in the Vario Pliers blog and video can be used with the Creative Tool in the same way as demonstrated above for the rivets.

Any questions, the g&g team and I are always more than happy to help so do reach out by emailing [email protected]

Happy Sewing!


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