Road testing a Magnetic Seam Guide and Aqua Glue Marker

Carrying so many different lines of haberdashery can blow our minds sometimes and there are so many different gadgets out there to help make sewing that little bit easier.

To help the g&g girls learn more about all the different sewing notions that we stock, we are working our way through them and road testing them for you.

At our latest sewing get together we investigated the Prym Magnetic Seam Guide and the Prym aqua glue marker.

First to get grilled is the seam guide.....

It aims to aid the stitching of perfect seams, tucks and pleats without measuring and marking everything before you take it to the sewing machine.

It has a really strong magnet on its underside that clamps really firmly onto the metal plate of your sewing machine. In fact you need a bit of strength if you want to adjust it or take it off. The side that has the longer extensions on it goes closest to the foot of the machine and it’s this side that you line your fabric up to.

You can position it close to the foot of the machine which would be better for curves....

Or a bit lower down on the plate if its long straight seams you have to sew...

We think its perfect for those beginning to sew who find it hard to maintain a consistent seam allowance – like stabilisers when your first learn how to ride a bike.
Or, if you have lots of little tucks to sew it will help to ensure that they are kept consistent across the whole garment.

It costs £3.10 and if you fancy adding this to your sewing arsenal click this link.

Next up is the aqua glue marker.

It helps to position fabrics, trimmings, lace and zips without the need for pins.

The glue is yellow so that it’s easily visible when applied to the fabric. The colour does fade when the glue dries but it does leave a visible residue that will disappear once the garment or project is washed.

I've kept the shadows quite dark in these photos so that its easier to see the markings.

It comes a bit like a long thin prit stick and you twist the pen to wind more glue up to the top.

I twisted it fully out just to see how much you actually get in there...quite a bit really.

We think it’s best used for fiddly projects or delicate, flimsy fabrics. Even with plenty of pins certain fabrics can slip and slide all over the place so using the glue as well will help the process.

Getting mitre corners to sit neatly or helping to attach a pocket onto a shirt for example will be a lot easier with a little bit of the glue in place.

It costs £3.75 for the pen and the re-fills are £1.75 You can find both of them in this link.

I hope you have found that as useful as we did. If you have any other hints or tips on using these things we'd love to hear. Just drop a line in the comments...

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