Our new store is now open - come have a look around!

Blog / 3 May 2013

It gives me great pleasure to finally be able to share a blog post with you thats all about our new shop finally being open! Its been a steady and busy week for us and I've really enjoyed meeting everyone who has come in and giving them advice and tips on their next projects! 

For so long I was was showing you pictures of all the renovations and the place just looking like a dirty dusty building site but now I've got some lovely images to blog with! Courtesy of Georgina at Dark Moth who very generously domated her time to help me out and take some goregous snaps around the shop and creative studio. 

We were given so many gorgeous bunches of flowers when we opened! I love sewing them around the place! 

Our coffee machine is all set up now and we are finally starting to master the art of a delicious coffee. Everyone is welcome to pop in and have a relax at the table or on the sofa! 

Above the shop in our creative studio where we run all our workshops and classes, the space is really looking great now that we've got some furniture and equiptment in there. Taking a photograph of the room with things in it, gives much more prespective of the size of the room and the amazing height of the ceiling and beams. 

I hope you've enjoyed looking around!

I'm planning some 'protected' sewing time over the bank holiday weekend which I'll let you in on next week. Being surrounded by all the lovely fabric is making my mind burst with ideas of things I want to make! 

Lauren :) x