Me Made May 2015 challenge pledge

I’m really excited about the Me Made May Challenge this year. If you haven’t come across it before then you are in for a treat!

The brainchild of Zoe Edwards from ‘So Zo..What do you know?’ blog, the Me Made May is challenge is now is it’s 5th year and is more popular than ever!

You can find out all the details and how to submit your pledge on Zoe’s blog (link here) but essentially it’s a challenge you set yourself, not a competition, to wear your handmade wardrobe during the month of May. It can be anything you want it to be! Use it as a way to spur you on to wear your handmade wares loud and proud, or use it as a spark of motivation to get projects finished, or whittle down the fabric stash!

Whatever the challenge is, it’s such a cool way to share your handmade loveliness with the online sewing world. Last year I was so inspired by all the different outfits I saw. Just use the #mmmay15 when tagging your posts or pictures to share with everyone else.

This year I’m going to make my pledge all about fitting and altering one of my most used patterns - the Simple Sleeveless Top from my book (Learn to Sew with Lauren).

I’ve got lots of versions that follow the basic two piece pattern but I wanted to change things up as bit as we come into the summer. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but I keep getting distracted with shiny new patterns that come into the shop, until now……Me Made May is going to be my kick up the butt to write some tutorials to share with you how you can do some simple fitting adjustments as well as pattern hacks.

'I, Lauren, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavor to wear at least one handmade item every day for the duration of May 2015 and share my pattern hacks for the Simple Sleeveless Top Pattern from my book.'

Here is my May blog post plan...

Friday 1st - Getting the fit right with a FBA/SBA (Full/Small Bust Adjustment)
Friday 8th - Dealing with a gaping neckline and altering the neckline shape
Friday 15th – Adding a yoke for colour blocking
Friday 23rd - Adding Pin tucks to the front for fancy detailing
Friday 29th - Adding a button up back

Each week I’ll activate the link here until you have the full set. You can also follow my blog on Bloglovin for emails of when new posts go up.

Have you signed up yet? Follow this link to Zoe’s blog if you still need to do it!

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