Maker Gallery June

Since opening the shop and starting all the different workshops we have, I've been so impressed with all the lovely things that everyone has been making.

It's one of the best parts of the job for me, getting to see everyones creations!

So, I wanted to show you a bit of a snap shot of some of the things that have been getting stitched up over the last month or so. I think it will make a great monthly feature to show you guys some of the highlights of the amazing things that our customers come in with. I find it really inspiring myself and as people pick out patterns and fabric and trim combos to go with it I'm often left thinking...I want one of those too!!

First up were some of super-cute snap frame purses from the purse making workshop

These ladies made lovely piped cushion covers and learned how to put zips in too in the piped cushion cover workshop.

I've had quite a few summer days dresses finished off now from the beginners dressmaking class and here are a few from one of the saturday courses.

The ladies on Stuarts Intro to Patchwork and Quilting workshop made absolutly gorgeous quilts! I'm so inspired to make one now!

Some of you may have seen this on the Facebook page before...its one of my favorite makes! Named the ghani skirt ( as it was Ayaz's choice of fabric when we had our last competition)! I've had insider info that there is a guthrie skirt in the pipline too inspired by our current fabric competition so watch out for that one!

I've created a maker gallery on Flickr where you can share what you've been stitching up! I'd love to see what you've been stitching up - do share!

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