Neckerchief Scarf Tutorial

Despite the totally gorgeous weather we have been having the past week, it is drawing closer and closer to that time of year. I won’t actually say (type) it yet as I know it is really early……..but there may be a big event coming up where you might want to make lovely presents for your loved ones? And you might be thinking of ideas of what to make already?

For the first post in this gift making blog series I’m sharing with you an extract from my book (Learn to Sew with Lauren), the Neckerchief Scarf.

I love these little scarves as it means that you can wear a gorgeous print to brighten up a plainer outfit – and of course it keeps the chill off around the neck too!

Cotton Lawn is perfect, especially the Liberty Tana Lawns and all you need is one fat quarter!

Silk also works really well and will have more drape and movement, it works better if you hand roll and hand sew the hem on that fabric though. This gorgeous blue floral silk and vibrant floral tile slik twill would make beautiful scarfs!

All the instructions you need are above in the extract but if you fancy picking up the book, you can now get a signed copy for £20 (normally £25) - just follow this link and leave a message in the comments box at the checkout if you would like it personalised with a name. The discount is valid up until the 31st October and it has already been added, so no code needed!

The scarf works well tied in lots of different ways…..

Fold it in half into a triangle and then roll it up for a more fitted flatter look around the neck

Or using the same method as above, use it as a hair band

Or stop the drafts creeping up your arms and tie it around your wrist

Fold it in half into a triangle and leave it to billow out a bit - this works especially well with silk!

Are you planning on making any presents this year?

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