The Great British Sewing Bee - Episode Two - The missing details

Phew! What an episode that was! Watching how we all got on, brought back how tense it was at the tiime.

My stomach was a bag of knots when they said we had to make mens trousers - gulp! I had never made any trousers before - never mind a fly!

Hence lots of confusion....I must have looked at my own zipper a hundred times, trying to reverse the way it was because I was wearing a womans fly right?....blissfully unaware my chinos (from the womens department - honest!) actually had a man's fly - gutted! And I had no idea until all the trousered legs were all lined up at the end and I spotted the difference, that I was the odd one out!

Figuring out what leg went in what was no easy task either....que concentration face with tounge sticking out!

We all had such a giggle about the fly zippers...some peoples looked too funny, close up, especially in that...ahem..personal area!

The pocket challenge was literally like a frenzy! I'm surprised I didn't sew my fingers into those pockets I was sewing so fast! Patricks one liners seemed to really catch on too...

'If in doubt, flower it out!' Couldn't agree more, it was my default in the panic of a 60 minute challenge!

'Oh that's a lovely pocket!' Thanks P! ;)

Garment of the week and star of the show though - Stuarts tulips!! What an amazing and different idea! His fantastic appliqué skills shining through there....

Lastly, the blouse challenge! Gees-oh, bloomin-eck! That. Was. Tough!

The silk twill that I was using actually had a life of its own, and I completely over egged the sizing and made it huge-mungous for my lovely model. From bust squashing last week to plenty of bust ventilation this week. I had to readjust so many seams - complete nightmare! Totally ran out of time, so much so that I didn't get the chance to make my little belt which was part of the original plan and I was gutted I didn't have time left to do it. is my practice it should have been with my little contrasting belt to break things up a bit.

It is really easy to make...check out this tutorial to see how I did it.

I even planned to make matching binding to neaten off the seams on the inside - this fabric frayed quite a bit. Again my efforts were limited to the practice blouse - ah well, all the more comforting for me to wear!

A lot of you caught the tear at the end of the clips for next weeks was very emotional, that's all I'm saying!

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