g&g in 2016

looking back at this years big landmarks

With just a few days left of 2016 I thought it would be nice to share a lookback the landmark events from g&g. I think its only when you take a moment to look back you can realise how much can happen and change in a year. The world seems a really different place than it did on the 28th December 2015, not just for me, but also for everyone, given the historical events that have happened not just in the UK but all around the world.

I’ve really been enjoying reading the year round up posts on various different blogs so I hope you enjoy finding out what has changed for g&g too.

Big landmarks

The first of the big business changing things that have happened this year was the launch of our new website back in March. We had been working on this for well over a year form initial planning and concepts, to building and adding products and content. I wanted to make the online shopping experience for all you lovely more inspiring and a lot easier to find what you want and get what you need.

We’ve been able to add in features like a thread match service that means you know what shade of gutermann thread to buy for any fabric we have listed online.

On all our pattern listings we’ve added links to the notions you need making it easier to get everything all together to complete your project.

There is also now a much easier to navigate search and filter function for patterns and fabrics that mean it’s easier to narrow down your search for the perfect fabric.

I’m always working on ways to make it even better so please do let me know if you think there is anything else we need to improve on.

The next big change to g&g was the arrival of baby Sophia in April. Although we knew she was on her way, I don’t think I quite anticipated how much life would change. I can now admit, that quite naively, that I thought I’d be able to just pop her in a sling and carry on with life. Those of you with kids will know it doesn’t quite work like that!

She’s an absolute bundle of joy and I’ve loved seeing her grow and change so much in such a short time. I’m most certainly on the rollercoaster of motherhood and business ownership that has its ups and downs and constant juggling to try and fulfil all the different roles I have to play, not just at home but in the business too.

Finding a pattern of work and childcare is something that I’ll be continuing to improve on in 2017 and I’ll be asking for your advice too! Keep an eye on the blog at the beginning of January when I’ll be starting a mini series of life behind the scenes.

The final big business change that I wanted to highlight has been to the g&g team. I’ve been so incredibly lucky over the years to have the most amazing staff join me and help run the business. They have not only helped me grow and develop the business for the better but become really good friends too. Here’s a throw back to our first Christmas party with Lucy and Vanessa (ahem...and Santa).

This year has seen quite a few significant changes in the team, not to mention the arrival of Sophia which forced me to take a back seat, which has been hard to deal with. Rosie S left us in January to move to the big smoke and Rachael left us in August to become a secondary school teacher. They are both so amazing at what they do, I know they’ll be a big success in their new roles.

In March Claire joined the team as General Manager and having taught workshops with us for several years, it was like she was at home on day one and continues to do such a brilliant job at everything she does for me. Meg joined us full time in July and it’s been so exciting having all her new ideas to work with and be able to rely on her to get so many jobs done. Two of our lovely customers, Elizabeth and Ben, have also joined the team part time and it’s been great to have their sewing enthusiasm on the shop floor.

And of course I can go without mentioning Jo and Rosie who have been with me for a few years now and are practically in with the bricks! The place really wouldn’t be the same without them!

You can find out more about our g&g team on the staff profile page.

Fun Events

We love a good party here at g&g and this year has been no different.

Our Summer party event in July was great fun and it was lovely to see so many people in gorgeous summer outfits.

In September we hosted the afternoon part of the Sew Brum meet up which is always so lovely. Chatting with people you normally only see on Instagram or on blogs is great!

This years SEW Saturday event was another lovely day, with people of all ages getting together to make fun little projects in the studio.

And finally our inaugural g&g festive bee party was amazing with sparkly outfits galore and lots of Christmas cheer!

Thank you to everyone who came along to our events and made them so special.

Blog highlights

The range of makes on he blog this year has been…varied to say the least. From maternity wear during my big belly phase, to cute baby grows and blankets, to secret nursing tops, cosy coats and glam party wear!

Gorgeous window displays

Jo has put together another incredible range of window displays for us over the seasons.

We had a bright floral Spring window featuring some lovely Liberty prints.....

A funky sewing themed window with these cool over sized sewing tools.....

A colourful Summer window featuring our capsule summer wardrobe projects (read more about them in this link)....

A gorgeous Autumn window with felt leave garlands and cute fabric pumpkins...

And a cool blue, fresh sparkly Christmas window.....

We’ve got some amazing ideas for next year so stay tuned for our upcoming displays.

Finally, I want to say the biggest thank you to all of you!!! Those who read the blog and newsletters, follow me on Instagram or Facebook, who come to workshops and events, who visit the shop and who shop online. We love you all and appreciate your support so much!

Happy New Year and I hope to see and hear from you lots more in 2017!

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