Just been stitched

Flying birds babygrow
using the Two-Stitches pattern

Blog / 6 July 2016

Since baby Sophia was born, I've been getting asked if she has lots of handmade outfits already. The truth is, she doesn't, not yet anyway. I've just not had much time yet and when I do get a bit of time I want to sew things for myself too!

One thing I have made her is a really cute baby grow using the Two Stitches Baby grow pattern.

It's a great basic to have and the pattern comes in a large size range from birth to 24 months. I'd recommend measuring your baby first though or going for the next size up as I made the 6 months size and it fits Sophia pretty well and she's almost 3 months - she is quite long though.

I used this lovely soft Art Gallery cotton jersey fabric with pink and mustard-yellow swallows on it.

The neck, cuffs and hem at the leg all have binding strips and it is a bit fiddly to sew that on. You first sew it right sides together, then fold the binding strip to the inside before top-stitching. The tricky bit is making sure you catch the binding underneath as you top stitch. I tried the loads of pins method, but the fabric still managed to slip out of place. So then I used the Prym wonder tape and it worked perfectly.

If you haven't used wonder tape before, its like a double sided sticky tape for fabric and is great for holding things in place instead of pins. And it just washes out!

The most fun part was putting the snaps in along the bottom opening! It's so easy using the Prym vario pliers.

Here is a re-cap of applying the snaps from my Pan Top blog post.

Make sure you have a ‘male’ and ‘female’ part so that they will snap together. Place the backing part that has the spoke on the white cup on the pliers.

Pierce the fabric with the spoke and place the male or female part on top. Then squeeze with the pliers. That compresses the spoke and holds the snap together. Then repeat with the other side to complete the snap set.

Sophia certainly seems to think its really comfy!

It would be a great base to add some lovely applique onto as well!

Image credit to Victoria Beddoes Photography