Double Snap Frame Purse - Tutorial

If you were inspired by last weeks post on the lovely little double purse frame made with the gorgeous spotty cotton canvas then you can now make your own with confidence with this full picture tutorial!

Materials required:
Double purse frame
outer fabric 30cm by 30cm
inner fabric 30 cm by 30cm
optional 11.5cm by 8.5cm for inner card pocket
interfacing 30cm by 60cm
matching thread

Equipment required:
Sewing machine
fabric marker pen

Step 1
Press the interlining onto the wrong side of your fabric. Cut out fabric using a template. You can make your own template by drawing around the purse frame. Follow this tutorial for how to draft a pattern. You will need to draft two patterns - one for the outer frame and one for the inner frame.
You will need 4 (2 inner and 2 outer) pieces of fabric for the inside purse and outside purse.
From now on the inside section of the purse will be referred to as the ‘inner purse’ and the outer section of the purse the ‘outer purse’.

Step 2
Pin the lining section of the inner purse right sides together and stitch sides only.
Repeat on the outer part of the inside purse

TOP TIP – always make sure that you use reinforcing stitches at the ends of every stitching line by reversing a few stitches.

Step 3
Open out the top section of the inner purse and place the mouths of these sections together as shown in the picture. Pin together and stitch using the stitching guide.

Step 4
Notch out the corners and turn inside out via the bottom of the inside purse, as this will have been left open. Finger press the seams open.

TOP TIP - finger press just means using the heat from your hands to open the seam and make sure it is sitting correctly. You can be more prescise than when using an iron.

Step 5 – optional
Prepare the inner card pocket. Fold down the top edge of the pocket twice, press in place and then top stitch. Finish off the sides in your preferred method. I used zig zag stitch to help minimize fraying. Then fold side edges inwards and press in place.

Step 6 – optional
Align the pocket to the middle of the lining section of the outer purse and stitch in place, making a small triangle at the top corners to reinforce this section. Leave the bottom section open as this will be closed later.

Step 7
Now make a sandwich with the inner purse aligned in the middle of the lining section of the outer purse. The lining sections of the outer purse should have right sides facing. It is really important to make sure that the inner purse is in the middle otherwise the frame won’t match up to the purse frame. Next stitch the sides and the bottom of this sandwich, then trim the seam allowances to reduce bulk.

Step 8
Place the outside sections of the outer purse right side together and stitch the sides and bottom missing the two bottom corners. Finger press the sides and bottom seams open and place the seams together and stitch along the bottom corner as shown in the picture. This creates a little depth or width to the purse and gives a neat finish to the outer purse.

Step 9
Keep the outside section of the outer purse inside out for the time being. Open the mouths of the outer purse, as you did for the inner purse, and place the mouths right sides together. Using the stitching guide line stitch together leaving a small gap so you can then turn it the right way out afterwards. Notch out the corners as you did for the inner purse.

Step 10
Turn the purse the right way out. This can be a little tricky but take your time and tease it out little by little, then finger press the seams open again. You will be left with a section with an unfinished seam. Finger press these raw edges inwards and stitch this section closed. This seam will be hidden so don’t worry about it looking different from the other seams.

Step 11
You will now have a complete purse ready to be attached to the frame. Press the purse to get rid of any creases. Then using superglue (through trial and error I find this works best!) apply a small amount of glue into the purse frame. Try not to put too much or is can bleed out and spoil your fabric. Its easier to apply more than take it away.
I fixed the inner purse first then the outer purse. Insert the body of the purse into the top edge of the purse frame first then move onto the sides.

And it is as easy as that!
One lovely purse finished!

Please note this pattern is for personal use only please.

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