Just been stitched

Baby Sophias Christmas Dress
using the Frida pattern and cute cat fabric!

Blog / 14 December 2016

Christmas feels a bit different this year now that I have a baby. I usually hardly decorate my house at all, as in years gone by I’ve spend most of my time at the shop where its suitable christmasy anyway. Now that baby Sophia is here and I spend way more time at home, we’ve got a big tree – which Sophia loves – and I’m sure I’ve eaten way more mince pies!

With various baby Christmas parties to go to and some super cute Christmas fabric in the shop, I couldn’t get away without making Sophia a little Christmas dress.

I used the Two Stitches Frida Dress pattern and added a bottom panel so that I could use these two lovely prints from the Dashwood Studio Christmas collection.

It’s really easy to add on a bottom panel. Just draw a line 4” up from the bottom hemline on the front and back bodice (note that it is curved slightly) and then add on seam allowance above and below it. Then trace off a new top and bottom section. Use your new pattern pieces to cut out your fabric and sew the sections together before you start the main construction of the dress.

I also top stitched the seam allowance of the join to the top section but I wouldn’t say that’s essential.

It’s such a quick and easy make and only took me about 1.5 hours in total one evening so its perfect if you fancy a quick little project. I always forget how quick it is to make baby clothes!

The smallest size this pattern comes in is 6-12 months so it’s still a little baggy on Sophia (she’s 8 months now) but you need a vest underneath it at this time of year anyway so it’s fine.

I folded the pleats the opposite way that the instructions advise, just so that you could see more of the print on the fabric at the centre front of the dress.

I used this lovely little rabbit button for the back closure from Textile Garden and instead of using the button loop pattern piece I made a little loop from thread.

Sophia seems to like it – little cheeky chops she is!