'SWEARY SEWIST 4' Woven Labels

Warning - swearing ahead!

Kylie And The Machine are back with a new edition of their sweary labels!

This is a Special Edition collection with 9 ALL NEW Sweary labels in a new mini box format.

Included in Box (9 Labels per box):

1x "CAUTION: Swearing passionately can result in passionate swearing" | End Fold 33mm x 24mm

1x "Fabric Only, Mother F*ckers" | End Fold 24mm x 30mm

1x "FAN ★ F*CKING ★ TASTIC" | End Fold 50mm x 12mm

1x "F*ck Yeah!" | Centrefold 20mm x 28mm

1x "If I had a dollar for every time I swore while sewing... I'd be a f*cking millionaire" | Centrefold 23mm x 30mm

1x "I F*cking Love This" | Centrefold 26mm x 30mm

1x "Made This For Sh*ts & Giggles" | End Fold 50mm x 12mm

1x "Make Good Sh*t" | Side Seam 34mm x 17mm

1x "This was a Glorious Sh*t Show" | Centrefold 24mm x 26mm

Bonus digital poster gift included | Scan the QR Code inside the box to receive a free KATM Original Digital Poster Download!

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