Sewing Maker's Workbook

The Sewing Maker's Workbook is a beautiful sewing journal thoughtfully designed for keeping safe the essential details of your sewing projects. Inside the planner includes pages to...

  • Record all of your sewing projects, creating a lasting record that you can refer back to time after time.
  • Design your future makes, squared paper and a set of female body forms will help keep your doodles for ‘next time..’ all in one place.
  • Plan your next sewing project, make a record of the sewing patterns you have at home, what fabric and haberdashery they require. Of course there’s also room to list out your stashed fabrics and their sizes, keeping track of what’s in those boxes.

There is also a handy sewing reference inside, an invaluable guide to the various types of sewing machine needle for your fabric and other handy reference material. A perfect gift for fabric and sewing lovers!

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