Printed Pattern Instructions for The g&g Sewing Society kit - Black and White

Have you purchased one of our g&g Sewing Society kits that include a pdf pattern and would like to have the instructions printed out for you?

Please select from the drop down menu below, which pattern your require printing for.

When you add this product to your basket when ordering a g&g Sewing Society kit we will include an A4 print out of the instruction booklet that comes with the pattern. It will be printed in black and white, double sided and on regular white A4 paper.

The link to the pdf file for the instruction will be included in the confirmation email when you purchase a kit, and will be yours to keep for your future records, but we know some people prefer to have an actual physical copy, rather then viewing it on a device.

Please note, depending on the pattern company, the layout of instruction pdf files can vary. Some have two pages to an A4 page, some have one. The print out you will receive will be in whatever format the pdf file comes in from the pattern company.