This stunning collection of fabrics is designed by Zoe in France and manufactured in Europe, mainly Portugal.

Zoe works directly with textile manufacturers and wishes to promote the know-how of the countries around us. The companies that manufacture Églantine and Zoé fabrics work with respect for human beings and are constantly seeking to improve their environmental procedures.

Her main manufacturing partner in Portugal uses electricity from 100% solar power and wind power. They do not use any hazardous chemicals and have ISO 9001 and REACH certifications. All the fabrics in the collection are Oeko-Tex certified.

Swatch service

If you can't decide and would like to try our swatch service, follow this link for more information on how to order them!

Alternatively, as we sell by the 10cm, and the smallest cut we can do is 10cm, ordering that quantity allows you to get a much better idea of the drape and texture of a fabric as well as the scale of any pattern or print.

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