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Optic White Organic Cotton Tubular Ribbing Fabric

This Optic White Organic Cotton Tubular Ribbing Fabric is perfect for using in the cuffs, hem band and neckband of your sweat-shirting projects.

It comes as a tube that is approximately 35cm wide when laid flat and uncut, so when cut open its width is approx double.

This fabric is GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified.

Matching jersey is available.

Please note - The current batch of fabric has a faint line running throughout. It is not a ladder or fault as such, just something that can happen sometimes when fabric is made as a tube like this one. It is very easy to cut to the side of it and would still give you a full unblemished width of fabric measuring 70cm when the fabric is cut along the line and laid flat. However, as a result of the imperfection, we have reduced this fabric by 10% and therefore it is no returnable on the basis of this fault.

Approx 35cm /13.8" tubular width
Recommended uses
Perfect to use as cuffing or a neckband on jersey sweatshirt garments.
Cotton 95%
Elastane 5%
275 gsm
Stretch Qualities
30% two-way stretch

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