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Olive Brown Wet Finish Wax Cotton Fabric

This Olive Brown Wet Finish Wax Cotton Fabric comes in a lovely neutral slightly green toned beige colour. This breathable and water-resistant waxed cotton fabric is perfect for outdoor wear.

Please note, the fabric is not fully waterproof but the waxed coating will repel showers. Due to the 'wet finish' of the wax, the fabric has a slightly damp/oily hand. It will also crease and mark where handled. These markings are not faults and are a normal inherent characteristic of the finish.

155cm / 61"
Recommended uses
Perfect for coats, jackets, bags and accessories
Recommended needle
Cotton 100%
Care instructions
Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Never use hot water, soaps or solvents. If you do need to press your fabric, test an offcut/scrap with your specific iron and use a teflon sheet or baking paper between the iron, your fabric and the ironing board to prevent leakage of the wax. Brush off mud and sponge area with cold water.

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