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Blemished Golden Palm Leopard Print Cotton Corduroy Fabric

This Golden Palm Leopard Print Cotton Corduroy Fabric features a fun black leopard print design with pops of soft pink on a golden coloured background. This 100% cotton corduroy fabric has a lovely weight and structure to it.

Please note: This fabric is blemished due to some print faults. There are little spots on the fabric where the colour is missing, and small orange marks scattered. As a result of the imperfection, we have reduced this fabric accordingly and therefore it is not returnable on the basis of this fault. Please see pictures for reference. If you have any questions about the faults in the specific pieces, please give us a ring on 0121 449 8419 and a member of the team will be able to help you.

140cm / 55"
Recommended uses
Perfect for dressmaking, use this fabric to make a skirt or pinafore dress
Recommended needle
Cotton 100%

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