Spotted on the Sewing Bee

Series 5 - Episode 4 - Technical Fabrics week

This week on The Great British Sewing Bee, we say the contestants tackle technical fabrics. That category of fabrics is pretty broad and is more of an umbrella term, I think. The first challenge tested their skills on sewing swim wear and making a bathing costume. 

If you fancy making your own striking swimwear we've got 3 beautiful Liberty London swimwear fabrics! They'd be great for the Closet Case Patterns Sophia Swimsuit or the Named Patterns Beverly Twisted Bikini

Get the accessories

I saw quite a few of the contestants using pattern weights and rotary cutters to cut out the their fabric. It's a good choice, I think, as this type of fabric tends to be really slippery. 

When you come to sew the fabric I recommend putting a stretch needle in the machine. The eye of this needle is a little higher than normal, meaning the stitches formed are slightly bigger and they can withstand a greater degree of stretch. 

The customisation challenge was certainly entertaining, but honestly, I'm not really anticipating a rush in people making outfits for their dogs. I do like the idea of re-using tent fabric though. It's perfect for a rain coat!

Get comfy in lounge wear 

The final challenge asked the contestants to make a luxury tracksuit for their male model. It was nice to see a challenge that is so different, but it's probably not the most common project a home hobby dressmaker wants to make. We did see lots of interesting techniques though: open ended zips, contrast panels, ribbing, hoods and 'bouncy' scuba fabric. I enjoyed watching it, but I have to admit, it didn't really spark my next sewing project. 

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