Sew Party Ready - Part 2

Disco ball sequin party top

Hello party people! I’m super excited to share part two of my ‘Sew party ready’ posts as this make really took me by surprise and I love it way more than I thought I would!

After last weeks full on party outfit, I wanted to show you something that could be easily dressed down and worn with some nice jeans for a more casual look whilst still having a party feel.

Check out my latest youtube video to get hints and tips and see the top modelled in real life! 

The pattern – for this make I used what has become a tried and tested pattern for me – the TrueBias Ogden cami.

The fabric –  I used our two tone flip pink and silver sequin fabric, I which I think looks amazing made up – it’s so incredibly sparkly like a big disco glitter ball! It also comes in black and silver too! 

The sequins are a bit larger than the ones I used for last weeks made and instead of being attached in the middle of the sequin, they are attached at the side meaning the sequin can flip and turn showing up as pink or silver.

For the lining I used some of our soft plain black viscose.

Tips for cutting these sequins

Depending on what way you cut out the pieces you can have it mostly pink on mostly silver. Before cutting out I brushed all the sequins in the same direction and placed the pattern piece onto the fabric so that as I wore the top and brushed down the sequins would look pink. You could totally do it the opposite way around but really the main thing is that you do the front and back the same way!

I pinned the pattern piece on like I normally would and cut it out with my normal dressmaking scissors. I didn’t notice that it blunt them at all but if you are worried about that then you can try a scissor sharpener before/afterwards.

Tips for sewing these sequins

In case you’ve missed it, here in the link to my video on sequin top tips. That video mainly focuses on the finer sequins but really these larger ones are no different.

  • I was thinking I might have to cut them out of the stitch line or seam allowance, but out of curiosity I tried just sewing them like normal fabric and it was fine. I used a size 80 needle and I have to admit I did break two needles….but that once was because I stitched over a pin! And the other time was when I was sewing the lining and I was going through two layers of sequins at the same time.
  • So, I would recommend that when you get to that bit (its where the seam allowances are at the side seams when you attach it to the lining) to use your hand wheel to manually stitch that section. I find that it gives me more control and I can wiggle the fabric a little if I feel a lot of resistance as the needle enters the fabric.
  • Otherwise just treat it like regular fabric as you sew, try to keep it relaxed and not stretched as you sew.
  • Make sure you brush all the sequins into the downward position before you sew the side seams and sew from the arm hole down to the hemline. 
  • I didn’t finish the seam allowances and as each individual sequin is secured on, the cut edge of sequins won’t fall out or unravel.
  • In case you’ve missed it, here in the link to my video on sequin top tips. That video mainly focuses on the finer sequins but really these larger ones are no different.

Tips for adding lining – This top has facing/half lining so instead of using those pattern pieces I used the same bodice pattern pieces that I used to cut the sequins, to cut out the lining fabric. I then attached the lining in exactly the same way as the instructions tell you how to attach the facing. I even managed to under-stitch it.

Tips for making spaghetti straps – instead of the regular single strap I made two narrower ones using my prym loop turner. Check out my video to see how to use it. I find it great when you are trying to turn really narrow channels.

Happy sewing and happy partying!! 

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