Renovations - Part Twenty-Seven

After two weeks of lots and lots of painting since my last post I am now really pleased to say that the studio has been completely painted!! Only the floor to oil and the light fittings to go up and its completely finished!! Ya hoo!!

I went through a stage of being so scunnered and fed up with painting at the beginning of the week, but now that we have a finished product it all seems worth while and its given me some much needed motivation to plough on and get the rest of the place painted up.

We took these pictures tonight so it was dark outside and a bit tricky to really capture the colours properly. The two side walls are painted in 'Edwardian Lemon' which has a really soft, pale but warm feeling and the ceiling and gable ends are in 'Jasmine White' which has kept things really bright and airy.

The beams are all now waxed too and they have come up so well. All the time and effort was definatly worth it.

We were a bit worried about the skirting boards for a while too as it was tricky to disguise the joins between the long planks but now that its all painted up you can't even tell where the joins were.

We got out first new recruit this weekend too.....Welcome Hetty the hover to the team!

She's been working hard all ready...there is such a crazy amount of dust in that place!

We are hoping to firm up a date this week for the floor to get layed in the shop area on the ground floor and the week after next the shop fit will start getting made and the light fittings get delivered so its all happening really quickly now. I think we're looking at the end of March as a possible opening date but I'll be shouting it from the roof tops as soon as we've set it for definite!!

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