Renovations - Part Sixteen

Things are still ticking along at 169 and its getting to the exciting stage of things starting to look slick, new and clean.

The replica window that was made to replace the little four section window right at the top of the front of the building is now is situ and its looking great!

The window has double glazed panes with the grid effect lead - just like the originals.

And a neat little leaded section over the top.

The decorative trim had been built up below the frame and just needs its top coats of paint.

Around at the back of the building the brick work above the door at the back of the (future) shop has been finished off. Now we just need that small section of roof repaired and its another step to water tightness!

Back inside now....and some of you might remember some of the older photos that showed how damp is was where one of the original chimmney stacks were. The whole wall from the top of the building to the bottom was completely saturated in that section. A lot of the brick work on the outside had to be replaced.

So it wasn't really a surprise when we took up the floor boards to lay the underfloor heating that we found some of the old floor joists where completely rotten. Not exactly the easiest problem to solve as the joists were so huge and chunky and spaned 5.5m!

They were propped up from the bottom just to make sure they didn't go anywhere while a solution was worked out.

Below is the picture of what was done in the end...double joists overlapping the existing joists and lots and lots of bolts. That's the extent of my technical explanation I'm afraid. I think it all looks pretty solid anyway!

The last time I showed you the ceiling in the main room down the stairs it was.....well it didn't really look like a ceiling at all, which was completely freaking me out! I went up stairs and stood on one of the temporary boards they had put down over the floor joists and I've never been so scared!!

Now a scaffolding platform has been built so that the new ceiling boards could be put up. So it looks much better!

Up the stairs the underfloor heating has stared to go down as well.

And even more insulation put down. It makes me feel cosy just looking at this stuff!

After a really busy few weeks I'm only just starting to catch up with all the renvation pictures so I've still got lots of exciting progress to share with you! Stay tuned.........

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