Renovations - Part Seventeen

The big reveal this week (which all you localers will have seen already!) is at last the scaffolding is down from the front of the building! The bay window is pretty much the same...apart from more of the old glazing is broken...but the scaffolding had to go before we could do anything with it.

And just in case you had forgotten here is the before....

The bay window is getting completely replaced as it was just too rotten, but its on order so hopefully should be with us soon.

The scaffolding is also down from our new house at the back. I got a bit of a fright when I saw it without the scaffolding for the first time, it seems so big and grey...but then it is a breeze block tower. It will eventually be covered in a white render and some sections will have wooden paneling on it which will be much kinder on the eye!

The drains are also now getting sorted out for the house at the back and for surface darinage in the courtyards.

Inside the original building, work had been focused on finishing off the upstairs floor. The downstairs ceiling can't be plastered until all the floor boards were re-layed.

So on top of the insulation and underfloor heating went aluminium sheets to help conduct the heat.

Then, like a big complicated jigsaw puzzle all the original floor boards were put back down.

Now they just need a good sand and they'll come up a treat!

The windows at the back of that room have also been taken out and the rotten parts are getting cut out, ready for the new frames to go in. The picture below is a view from outside the window (taken from the scaffolding).

In the big room down the stairs, the frame for the back doors has also arrived (sans glazing). Apologies for the quality of the photo below. It was really difficult to caputre it as its so dark inside with the sacffolding platform still there and then really bright out side.

So all in all, things are getting there, it just takes time, and more time and more time. I'm still feeling frustrated that there isn't really anything I can physically do myself as the place just seems to busy and messy for me to even see where to start. I enjoyed painting the Tudor paneling on the outside....then the novelty wore off when it started to get cold... now I can't wait to get a paint brush out again!

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