Renovations-Part Nineteen

Wow -what a week at 169 it's been! The big bay window finally got delivered and fitted and I love it already, even though its still to be painted, archatrive to be fitted and roof sealed off.

The original one was just too rotten to be saved and when they started taking it down it literally was like powder in some places.

They built a small scaffolding tower around the bay first, then it got broken up and stripped from the top down. It's all brand new glazing that's going into the new window but we saved the leaded lights at the top to repair some of the windows on the first floor.

Once they had taken the old window out it seemed like such a massive gap that was left behind.

Then right on cue, the new window arrived, in lots of bits of course!

The window was then built on the scaffolding before being lifted into place.

It slided into place nice and easily as the roof of the bay was off anyway, so we didn't have to try and fit it under anything.

Next all the new double glazing panels arrived, with leaded sections for the top windows so that it looks just like the original (only it will be a bit warmer now).

The roof was then built on top (with lots of the big thick and chunky insulation).

At the moment there is just a big flat panel over the front of the roof but it will be built out with various different mouldings to give it more character.

Another big step forward is the main room downstairs, where the shop will be, is that the plastering is almost finished. It wasn't so long ago that the nice smooth wall below......

.......looked a bit more like this..................

The big window at the back of the first floor is also getting finished off on the outside. Its had a lovely new lead flashing fitted as well as its top coats of paint. Once that gets finished and the last glazing panel put in, the final bit of scaffolding will be taken down from the back, allowing the last bit of roof to be rebuilt and then tiled.

Work has also started on preparing the windows internally.Below is the same window as the picture above. All the old cracked paint burned off nice and easily so once it gets painted it'll look as good as new.

We've also started thinking about paint colours and decor for the inside which seems a bit surreal really. All the jobs have been so huge so far that it seems strange to just worry about what colour of paint to pick!

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