Our new window display - 'Plan, cut, sew and wear!'

A little tour of our lovely new display!

I’m super excited to share our gorgeous new window display this week. It celebrates what the shop is really all about when it comes to dressmaking with the theme of ‘plan, cut, sew and wear!’

The g&g team and I love helping our customers get all the supplies together and plan out their sewing project ready to cut it out, stitch it and finally wear a gorgeous handmade garment with pride. Jo, who designs all our lovely window displays, has brought it to life amazingly in such a striking way.

You can check out my latest youtube video to see it close up. 

In the window we have featured the Nina Lee Kew dress and some of our gorgeous red embroidered cotton fabric. We are hoping to get more of this in soon, so depending on when you catch this post it might not be available. We are expecting to receive a new denim colour way of the fabric week beginning 26th May so check out the just arrived section then if you fancy the sound of that.  

We’ve got large scale patterns and a mannequin draped with fabric in the ‘planning’ section.

In the ‘cut’ section we’ve got a huge pair of scissors hanging up that my Dad made for us out of mdf and our almost iconic huge tape measure that’s now made it into many a window display! Jo made this by stencilling the numbers onto fabric and painting the lines and it always looks so striking.

In the ‘sew’ section we’ve got one of our lovely old singer sewing machines with large buttons, needles and cotton reels.

And finally in the ‘wear’ section is the finished dress along with some other lovely garments on a mini rail.

I hope you’ve liked my little tour and if the shop is a bit too far away for you to visit, it gives you an idea of what it’s like and what is happening at g&g HQ!

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