Our 10th Birthday Celebration Event

Laurens round up of our day!

The g&g team and I have been completely blown away with all your love, kind words and support after our 10th Birthday celebration event and the online launch of our new fabrics 'Bee Happy Blooms' and 'Chicacheetah' along with the new Sewing Society kits for April.

The in-person event was such a magical day that we had been preparing for for months and it was so amazing to see so many of our lovely customers come and visit the shop and enjoy the atmosphere.

In this post I wanted to share lots of pictures from the day, along with a short video, linked below. We know so many of our lovely customers are too far away to visit so I hope this will give you a sense of the day.

The Studio

We transformed the studio above the shop, where we normally hold our sewing workshops, into a special area that showcased the new fabrics and kits we released.

Hanging dried flower installation

I had the very talented local florist, Jordan, from Ischerwood design and install a beautiful dried flower display that hung down from the big old wooden beams in the studio.

It really made the new Bee Happy Blooms Fabric print come to life as some of the dried flowers were spray painted to match the same colour tones in the design.

It hung down pretty low so you could walk amongst it and touch the flowers, which somehow made it feel even more special. We tied it in with dried flowers hung as a garland along our pop up pay point and of course all the dired flower hanging in our window display, but more on that later.

Sample rail of kit garments and new fabrics

We had a rail dedicated to all of the samples from the new kits, The Megan Nielsen Jarrah Jumper and the Closet Core Nicks Top and Dress, along with sample lengths of the new Bee Happy Blooms and Chicacheetah fabrics.

Extra touches and details

We had our woven sew-in labels, featuring icons from the design, along with our special notebooks, available in either a bundle of 3 or individually.

I had a little booklet printed that explained what all the different plants and flowers featured in the print are and their meaning/reason for being included. For more info on that you can check out our announcement blog post linked below.

So customers could see the contents of the kit we had a sample one set out along side a contents list and prices, as well as a slide show on the computer with modelled images of the kits.

We also had cup cakes with rice paper decorations printed with the Bee Happy Blooms design, Prosecco and homemade lemonade.

Our lovely customers

It was lovely to see eager customers ready and waiting for the blinds to go up at 10am when we opened the doors to welcome everyone in.

The studio was a buzz full of sewing and fabric chatter and excitement.

The studio ended up being a bit of a snaking queue as everyone worked their way around seeing the kits and fabric. It was such a happy atmosphere and new friends were made with fellow sewing enthusiasts whilst waiting.

It was lovely to see everyone browse the sample rail and hold up garments in the mirror and to their friends. What a lovely way to shop and buy fabric for your next project!

The shop was 'a buzz' as well with everyone browsing our full range of fabrics and patterns. So many exciting new projects lining up!

The beautiful window display was also a shining star thanks to all the gorgeous dried flowers and foliage that Jo hung to frame the garments we featured.

I've got all the details of what patterns we used in the window display in a separate post (which I will like below in due course) along with the details of what the super duper g&g team made to wear on the day too!

Check out my other post coming soon with more details of the garments in the window disaply and what the amazing g&g team were wearing on the day!


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