National Trust Project - Thermally Lined Curtains

Last year I was kindly invited to Calke Abby by the National Trust to create a series of video tutorials on how to make your own thermally lined curtains. It's part of their campaign along with Good Energy to make homes more energy efficient.

So back in December Ayaz and I took the jaunt over to the beautiful Calke Abby Estate in Derbyshire and over a few wintery days we filmed 5 short videos showing all the detailed steps you need to make these cozy curtains. It was such good fun!

We worked from one of the old farm cottages on the estate, which is rented out by the National Trust, and I made the curtains for the large bay window in the dining room of the house.

Here are some of the lovely pictures taken during filming by Brian Cleckner for the National Trust. You can check out all the videos by visiting the National Trust Website, or visiting their You Tube Channel.

I hope the videos inspire you to make some for your own home! It's really not as hard as you would think! You just might need a bit of extra manpower if your making large curtains like the ones I made as they can get pretty heavy!

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