My First Sewing Lesson - By Ayaz

Firstly thank you to everyone for their comments and support in helping us to have a great start to our business. I am rather chuffed that there is #ghani and also a ‘Ghani’ skirt.

I had a great time learning to sew last night and making my first tote bag. I say mine, but can’t quite see myself pitching up to work with a pink stripy bag with my stethoscope poking out the front pocket.
The evening started with having to choose my fabric. Immediately I was perplexed! One of the most annoying things Lauren finds about me is my indecision on matters concerning what to eat or what clothes to buy. Nonetheless, the stripes and colour tone of my fabric reminded me of summer deck chairs, so the decision was made. Its amazing to see how different fabric appears on the bolt to the finished item. A lady chose the small radley dog print and when she lined up her pocket to the bag, it looked amazing.

Lauren explained the steps of pinning the fabric to the pattern and then cutting out the pieces. I found cutting out to be quite tricky as the blades of the scissors sort of lifted and tilted the fabric so that you couldn’t quite see the cutting line. It was also funny how the scissors appear to curve to one side but focussing on the tip ensured a straight cut. I then started to fully appreciate the skill level required to handle silky fabrics that would just keep moving.

Using the sewing machine was surprisingly fairly ‘straightforward’ although focussing on the needle moving upon and down was weirdly hypnotising. I had to look way to save myself from falling into a trance.

There was always the temptation to go to fast but a steady speed helped keep my stitching inline. I did make one mistake. When attaching my straps, we had to sew a cross inside a square. I learnt sewing machines don’t sew backwards!

One of the best things about the workshop was meeting the other members. We helped each other and it was brilliant seeing everyone focussed on their project. At the end of the class we were all quite proud of our bags.
The funniest moment was when the lady who chose the radley dog print had a look of ‘OMG what have I done’ when she turned her bag inside out only to find the pocket was sewn with print on the inside. We all took a deep breath hoping we had not made the same mistake and that she was not too upset. Fortunately, Lauren quickly mentioned the need to turn the pocket inside out too and all was well. We all cracked up laughing with relief!

I am certainly taken in by sewing although I now realise that it does take a lot patience and skill.
I still don’t quite get how the sewing machine actually stitches but am looking forward to trying out the different stitches. Zig zag was great!

So here is my bag. I might might just take it to work and see if any one comments on my bag and I can then say 'I made that'!

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