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For the love match of the social season world-renowned design house, Liberty Fabrics, and Shondaland’s acclaimed series on Netflix, Bridgerton, have collaborated in preparation for dressing the ton with an exclusive fabric collection.

We have a selection of this collaboration of dreams available.

All of the following designs are available on Liberty’s finely tuned Tana Lawn™ cotton, and we have the exquisite Bouquet Carnival on stunning Monument twill.

Within the stories and descriptions of this collaboration, you will find our pattern recommendations to bring these fabrics to life! Perfect for any formal soirées and delightful garden parties.

The Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton collection explores both collaborative partner’s visionary take on 19th century Britain. Bridgerton’s vibrant and inclusive world, steamy romance, and modern soundtrack, transports you through a contemporary lens to the world of Regency era London’s high society.

In connection with the adventurous and disruptive spirit of Liberty’s founder, Sir Arthur Lasenby, Liberty sought to integrate traditional British sensibility with diverse creativity.

After making Regent Street his home where he built the iconic flagship store, Liberty became a byword for best of innovative design. Determined not to follow existing fashions but to create new, unexpected ones, Arthur Lasenby Liberty paved the way for a movement dedicated to the discovery, animated by arts, culture, and design.

In anticipation of Liberty’s 150th anniversary, the Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton collection is a testament to the design house’s continued evolution.

Meticulously redrawn and recoloured by the Liberty design studio, the prints have been divided into three atmospheric chapters:

Penelope’s Garden
Regency Bouquet
Botanical Trellis

Penelope's Garden

Penelope’s Garden pays homage to the beautiful garden settings of the Regency era, where dramatic botanical displays create captivating backdrops. From exuberant bouquets tied with silk ribbons to wicker baskets abundant with freshly picked blooms, these archival treasures enthral the imagination. Drawing from an eclectic fusion of design styles, this chapter provides the perfect opportunity for opulent and extravagant prints, setting the scene in spectacular Bridgerton fashion.

Bow Bouquet

Assembled from an array of botanical prints unearthed in the Liberty archive, Bow Bouquet pays homage to the kaleidoscope of colours and the splendour of nature's beauty, boasting a symphony of opulent blooms.

Echoing the grandeur of the Regency era, this dramatic display features roses, peonies, asters, lilac, and larkspur, forming breathtaking bouquets delicately bound together with vibrant satin bows.

The Named Clothing Taimi Dress and Top

The Taimi offers versatile style options, encompassing both a top and a dress variation. Each variation boasts a fashionably simple design with distinct features.

Both garments showcase a voluminous, gathered hem, stylish silhouettes, binding for a polished look, and elegant gathers are perfect to showcase any of these stunning designs.

This pattern as a top or a dress would provide a modern flair to this collection of fabrics.

Garland Hampers

Designed from a series of archival silk fragments discovered in a 1920s Liberty pattern book, Garland Hampers captures the essence of damask wallpapers and upholstery fabrics traditionally printed in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Its intricate floral hamper baskets, encircled by diagonal leafy wreaths and set against a subtle stripe backdrop, evoke a timeless blend of classical elegance and contemporary finesse.

Chalk and Notch Evelyn Skirt

The Evelyn offers many options for creating different styles of skirt, perfect to carry these drapey and super soft Tana Lawns. It includes variations such as a midi-length gathered skirt, a knee-length gathered skirt, and a midi-length tiered skirt.

Each variation provides a unique silhouette and can be customised to suit your style and preferences from a high slit to button at the front and an elasticated waist.

Regency Bouquet

Abundant with vividly exuberant blooms, the Regency Bouquet chapter is a visual feast of floral grandeur. Inspired by the lavish costumes, formal soirées, and lively garden parties depicted in the Bridgerton series, these beautiful, curated bouquets are characterised by a sense of realism.

Rich colour contrasts, careful brushwork, and the contrast of highlights and shadows turn the spotlight on show-stopping arrangements. Accentuated with voluminous petals for added dramatic sophistication, roses, carnations, anemones, poppies, lilies, delphinium, camellias, and tulips exude luxury and decadence.

Ribbon Cascade

Inspired by a collection of 18th century hand-painted point papers from the Liberty archive, this ribbon cascade exudes poetic allure and graceful fluidity.

Nostalgic rose, poppy, and daisy bouquets peek through finely embroidered ribbons and cascading floral chains, enhanced by a palette of soft pastel hues. The design takes on an eclectic twist with the addition of a fine background stripe, exuding a sense of whimsy and sophistication.

Chalk and Notch Dringe Dress

The Fringe Dress has a button up front, elbow sleeve and adorable sleeve tab detail.

For a more modern look that lends itself to these bold designs opt for the pullover version that is notched front with a cuff. Elevate the ribbon cascade design by adding a waist tie too!

Posy Corsage

Created through the synthesis of a diverse range of botanical influences sourced from the Liberty archive, Posy Corsage channels Victorian-era style floral patterns. Its light and airy scattered rose, pink, and daisy posies evoke freshly picked blooms, inviting us on a tranquil journey across a garden filled with newly sprung flowers.

The Named Clothing Taimi Top

Picture the Taimi Top variation in the adorable Posey Corsage with its voluminous, gathered hem, and round neckline.

The gathers on this top is hip-length, and slightly longer in the back. A truly flowing an elegant finish for a whimsical fabric such as these.

Bouquet Carnival

A profusion of roses, anemones, tulips, delphinium, lilies, and camellias merge in a fabulous floral frenzy. Immersed in a vivid burst of colour and form, Bouquet Carnival takes cues from timeless archival Liberty artworks, culminating in a novel composition of exuberant blooms.

Turning the spotlight on carefully curated arrangements, this dynamic print sets the tone for formal soirées or delightful garden parties.

For support when sewing with this stunning Monument Twill, head to Lauren's 'Sewing with Silk' blog for all the tips to transform these fabulous blooms into something you can wear proudly to one of those summer garden parties!

True Bias Ogden Cami

The Ogden is a simple blouse that can either be worn on its own or as a layering piece. It has a soft 'V' neck at both centre front and centre back necklines, and delicate spaghetti straps.

The neckline and armholes are finished with a partial lining for a beautiful, high-end finish. The perfect garment for a fabric such as this to pair with a skirt or trousers for all special occasions!

Lauren's hints & tips video is still available for her tips on this make!

Bouquet Parade

A profusion of roses, anemones, tulips, delphinium, lilies, and camellias merge in a fabulous floral frenzy. Immersed in a vivid burst of colour and form, Bouquet Parade takes cues from timeless archival Liberty artworks, culminating in a novel composition of exuberant blooms.

Turning the spotlight on carefully curated arrangements, this dynamic print sets the tone for refined events of the season. This print is part of the Regency Bouquet chapter of the Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton collection - inspired by the lavish costumes, formal soirées, and lively garden parties depicted in the series, these vividly exuberant blooms are characterised by a sense of realism.

Chalk and Notch Wren Blouse and Dress

The Wren Blouse and Dress would be great in any of these designs, however for these statement sleeves, we have our eye on the Bouquet Parade.

There are two statement sleeve options. A short sleeve with a puff cap. Then an elastic hem and a long sleeve with a cuff.

The mini dress has a classic dropped waist with a gathered skirt and is loose through the waist and hips, picture of the drape of this Tana Lawn!

Botanical Trellis

The most delicate of the floral chapters, Botanical Trellis features a series of tiny, highly intricate renderings of flowers.

Showcasing a wide range of charming blooms such as roses, daisies, bluebells, and forget-me-nots, these designs also incorporate meandering trails of refined, floating foliage and scattered posies. Influenced by nature’s exquisite forms, this curated selection of hand-painted artworks evokes a sense of understated elegance and romance.

Garden Blooms

Soft, delicate, and romantic, this pretty posy design was discovered as a hand-painted fragment in an archival Liberty book dating back to c.1865.

Redrawn and recoloured with meticulous care and artistic sensibility, Garden Blooms features a multidirectional layout of scattered flower sprigs. Blossoming chrysanthemums, poppies, bluebells, daisies, and tiny rosebuds appear to drift through the air on a balmy summer’s day.

Friday Pattern Company Patina Blouse

For this soft and delicate design we recommend the Patina Blouse, it is a collared, v-neck, button up blouse that can be dressed up and down.

The sleeves are full and can be short or long sleeve with cuff and continuous bound placket.

The unique design of the collar and v-neck add a uniqueness to this blouse and made in the garden blooms it would be something you'd wear again and again!

Amelie Luise

Adapted from a selection of 1860s fabrics found in an archival Liberty book, this charming pattern brims with elaborate floral motifs emphasised by intricate textures.

Emulating the effect of copperplate printing widely used during the middle of the 18th century and rendered in crisp, precise outlines, its wispy sprays form loosely undulating trellises embellished with roses, berries, and pinks.

Jennifer Lauren Handmade Hunter Top

The bias-cut Hunter Tank can be worn to the beach for a casual look, paired it with a circle skirt for a vintage vibe or wear it with jeans for a modern look — the Hunter Tank is your ultimate summer top, ready to go when you are.

This adorable front tie and the ability to pair with so much in your wardrobe would bring the whispy sprays of this print to life!

This romantic collection is the perfect blend of elegance and whimsy to add to your me-made wardrobe. The patterns we have recommended will suit any of the fabrics in this exclusive collection! So the choice is all yours!

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