Learn to Sew with Lauren – Blog Tour Review and The Garment Projects

Now that my new sewing book is finally out in the world (officially as of Monday) I wanted to share with you some more of the lovely images that show the garment projects included with the book.

I know a lot of people get a bit worried about making clothes for the first time but I’m here to reassure you it’s really not that hard once you know some of the basics.

There are 5 adult garments in the book and full multi size patterns of all of them are included in handy envelopes at the front and back of the book cover. All the garments are relatively easy to fit in terms of their style and would only require simple adjustments like taking in at the side seams.

Near the back of the book there is a whole section that talks you through choosing your size and how to place your pattern pieces on your fabric for both narrow and wide width fabric.

The first garment is the simple sleeveless top with a contrast panel variation, to intorduce you t the basics of constructing something that is 3D, It's in the 'Beginners – Moving On’ section.

Perfect for lazy mornings, the Pyjama bottoms with short’s variation that has a contrast hem panel is in the ‘Improvers – Next Steps’ section

And in the ‘Improvers – More tricky’ Section are the other three stylish garments.

The yoke top with a retro styled collar and a-line silhouette is my favourite and it’s the same one that I wear on the cover of the book.

The “Pick your Pockets Skirt” with 2 pocket variations – either subtle in the side seam or more of a feature on the front of the skirt.

The ‘Have it your way dress” has two collar and two sleeve options so you can choose your options and make the dress 'your' way.

There is also a little girls summer set with a spaghetti straps top and gathered skirt in the ‘Beginner – Moving On’ section.

And a boys adventure shorts with different pocket options for them to hide their treasures in from the ‘Improvers – Next Steps’ section.

I would LOVE to see any of your makes from the book so please share your pictures with me on Instagram, Twitter of Facebook.

See what others thought of my book too... there has been a lovely little blog tour this week of bloggers reviewing my book. Thanks so much you guys!

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Some really interesting points were raised in the comments sections of Karens post about the need for sewing books for intermediate dressmakers to bridge the gap between complete beginners books and professional or highly technical books. What do you guys think?

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