Learn to Sew with Lauren - Sneak peek – The Patterns

With just a week away until the official launch date of my book, Learn to Sew with Lauren, I’m giving you one last sneak peak before it’s all out in the real world! Eeeeeppp!

A few people have been asking me about the patterns that come included with the book so I thought it would be good to give you the low down.

There are 7 garments in total out of the 20 projects in the book, 5 of them for the ladies and 2 for kiddos. Full size patterns for all of these projects are included in the book. The size range spans UK 8-18 and the kids’ sizes go from approx age 3-8 years old (we all know kids can vary so much in size!).

The patterns are on large sheets of paper that are neatly folded up and packed into a clear plastic wallet at the front, and back of the book.

Each sheet is printed on both sides to make the best use of space so there will be a tad bit of tracing needed to pull out the size you need.

To be honest, I trace all my patterns anyway because I just can’t bear the thought that all the other sizes are getting wasted – what if I eat too many delicious cakes end up bigger than my current size one day? – I’d be gutted that my sewing patterns didn’t fit me any more!

Of course there are a few methods of transferring the pattern onto the fabric, including using carbon paper and a tracing wheel, but my preferred method is to trace it off onto dressmakers dots and crosses pattern paper. This paper is more robust than tissue, but thinner than normal paper so it’s perfect for pinning onto fabric to cut around. It comes on a big roll and we sell it in the shop for 60p per meter.

There are also a few choices in transferring the pattern onto the paper. You could place the pattern underneath with the dressmaker’s paper on top and simply draw around your size using a pen or pencil. Just be sure to transfer all other markings too – name of the piece (like front bodice for example), grain line or fold line and also the size you have traced (for future reference!).

On the patterns included with the book, each size line has a different characteristic, making it even easier to distinguish between sizes and the colour of the ink is strong so it’s really each to see through the paper.

Alternatively, if you are finding it hard to see the lines, lay out a self healing or cutting mat to protect your table, lay the dressmakers paper out, then the pattern on top. Hold or weight the pattern down and using a toothed tracing wheel, roll it around the size that you want to make. The tracing wheel with leave a perforated line on the paper that you can then cut around – still remember to transfer all the same info on size etc with a pen.

This tracing method allows you to preserve all of the sizes for future use and make notes of any alterations you make to the pattern - alerting the size of a seam allowance or adding extra length for example.

There are also patterns for the other projects too, but they are just one size.

It’s still not to late to pre order the book and snap up a space at one of our mini make and take workshops running during our Book Launch Party Day at the shop on Saturday 6th September (spaces are FREE when you pre-order the book from us).

Also it’s the last week of our FABRIC SALE before all the new Autumn/Winter fabrics are released -whooooooo!!! (so excited about that!) - still lots of bargins to be had!

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