guthrie vs ghani - round 2!

After another road trip to stock up on more lovely fabric today, round 2 of the guthrie vs ghani battle has begun! (you can find out all about round one here)

On the whole, its mostly me that choses the fabric in the shop but Ayaz likes to have his say sometimes too and usually when he does I'm not entirely convinced by his choices. I have been wrong before though so I'm always willing to give different things a go anyway.

This time though, I think he might be missing something.

Surfing the wave of victory on his bike success in the last challenge, he's kept the same theme and gone for a bike chain and bike wheel fabric. I think the chains look more like some sort of futuristic snakes but thats just me, I can't wait to hear what you guys think.

After Glastonbury at the weekend I think I must have had camping in my mind and I've picked this funky caravan fabric and a really pretty orangy and teal floral.

Lucy joined us today too so she got a wild card choice, which I think is really fun too. This super cute doggie print which actually has some really lovely illustrations on it.

So who will you side with this time?! Guthrie (me), Ghani (Ayaz) or the wild card (Lucy)?

Voting will close at the end of our week next Saturday evening (6th July)!

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