Guthrie vs Ghani

Ayaz and I went on a bit of a fabric road trip today to a lovely place just north of London to pick up some gorgeous fabric for our depleted fabric shelves.

It's been so lovely to see so many people come into the shop and be inspired by the bright colours and prints that we have, but as we still get used to running a shop (medical backgrounds don't exactly lend their hand to knowing how to re-stock a shop!) we are still working on keeping the shelves full of lots of lovely new things for everyone to buy.

There were loads of fabric to choose from and we were pilling the blots high, each of us claiming to know what would sell well in the shop.

We picked up the new Lotta Jansdotter range too which is absolutly gorgeous! The colours look amazing! We stocked up on the Seven Berry spots that have been so popular too!

I love these mini dragon flies and nautical anchors too!

We agreed on most things but as husband's and wife's do sometimes, there were a few disagreements, and each of us insisted on being right about what would be popular.

So, we decided to have a little competition! Ayaz has chosen some fabrics that he thinks will be more popular and I have done the same. So instead of guthrie & ghani we now have guthrie versus ghani!

These are the ones that Ayaz likes the best and claims will be more popular....

And I think everyone is going to loves these retro biscuits and spotty ones.....

So, what do you guys think? Is it guthrie (me) or ghani (ayaz)? Leave us a commet to let us know.....if I win I get my dinner cooked for me (apparently!) and if he wins then...... as he gets his dinner cooked every night anyway, I said I would bake him his favorite banana and pecan bread!

Results are in.....Ayaz won hands down 74 votes to 28 and a lovely bunch of 29 diplomatic people voted for a draw! He has promised to cook me dinner anyway :)

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